Common and technical questions
What is OliMob?
OliMob is the CPA network and the direct advertiser at the same time. We are working with all important CPA verticals. As a direct advertiser, we owe several mobile content services.
What verticals do you have at OliMob?
Currently, we are working with Mobile Content, Gambling, Dating, Sweepstakes, Installs, Crypto.
Do you support S2S integration? What kind of platform do you use at OliMob?
Yes, we do support S2S integration. We are using an in-house platform.
I use Binomo (Cake, Voluum, etc) tracking software. Will I have any integration problems?
No, you shouldn't. Our platform is 100% compatible with the actual tracking software. Moreover, we got a special Voluum integration guide. However, if you have any integration issues, feel free to reach your Account Manager directly.
Do you support API integration at OliMob?
Yes, we do support API integration both for the Affiliates, and the Advertisers. For your convenience, we have already added API documentation to your OliMob account.
I have never heard about OliMob. How can I know more?
First of all - from our team. We will be happy to answer all your questions. Do not hesitate to send us an email to Moreover, you may find additional info about OliMob at STM, AffiliateFix, Offervault, Affpaying, AdsWikia, AdsWiki, Voluum.
Is it possible to discuss our partnership personally?
Sure, we are always happy to have new partners. Let's meet at any suitable affiliate conference. We are attending to all major industry events. You may know more about the upcoming events in our Blog.
How can I see your offers?
You may see our offers here or in the dashboard of your OliMob account
How can I join OliMob?
Easy! Just click here ( to register at OliMob.
How can I start work with OliMob?
First of all, you need to verify your email. We will send you an activation email. After that, you may start working, no additional approve required. However, we would be pleased, if you will reach your Account Manager, before starting traffic. You may find Account Manager contacts on your OliMob dashboard.
What payouts can I get from OliMob?
We are working with the advertisers directly and providing competitive payouts to our affiliates.
What payment terms do you have at OliMob?
We are sending the very 1st payment as net-30. We need it to check your traffic quality with the advertiser. After that, we can move on to the more convenient terms, according to your amounts.
What payment systems do you support?
Currently, we are sending payments via Bank Wire, BTC, PayPal, Webmoney. We have the following thresholds: $500 for the Bank Wire, and $100 for all other payments methods.
Do you have the SmartLink at OliMob?
Yes, we do have. You always have a choice between working with offers directly or send the traffic to the SmartLink.
Do you have a referral program?
Sure, you can earn an additional 5% of your affiliates revenue.
My account was blocked! What should I do now?!
We apologize for any inconvenience. In that case, we can suggest you reach your Account Manager directly or send us an email to
I would like to promote my product, service, or app with OliMob. How should I start?
Thanks for your interest! We can suggest you reach us directly. We will be very grateful if you will provide us all the required information via email to
Does OliMob have a Self-Service Platform for the advertisers?
Currently, we are working as a Managed Platform.
What kind of pricing models do you have?
We are working with CPA, CPL, CPI, CPS, Revenue Share.
What kind of traffic sources do you have?
We are offering you our affiliates traffic or our media buy team.
I'm wondering about OliMob' traffic quality. Is there any quality guarantees?
We can understand your concern. We are interested in the transparent and profitable partnership the same as you. First of all, we are using in-house anti-fraud solutions to protect your offers from fraudulent traffic. Secondly, you may always choose between media buy and affiliates traffic for your promotion. Third, our skilled Account Managers are always monitoring your campaigns.
What kind of integration do you support at OliMob?
We are using S2S integration to track and pass the conversions.
How can I reach your affiliates directly?
We do not share any personal data. All communications should be made within the OliMob. Please, reach your Account Manager directly for any further details.
What traffic volumes can I receive from OliMob?
It's very hard to predict traffic volumes for campaigns. There are just too much different factors, such as demography, targeting, payout, cap, basis.
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