KW - Winter Mountain Sniper 3 - Viva, Zain, Ooredoo
$0.64 CAP: 0 / 200 ( daily )
TimeZone:UTC 0, Reset on 00:00


Mainstream: Games


[KW]  K.S.C Ooredoo , [KW]  STC , [KW]  zain KW

Conversion Flow


Pricing Model





[KW] Kuwait

Operating system

Smartphones (Android), Tablets (Android)


1) Target users:
a. Mobile users of operator Zain,Viva,Ooredoo in country Kuwait , 3G/4G network is preferred.
b. Mobile users with Android system above 2.3, system 4.1 is preferred.
2) Advertising time : All day, 00:00 to 24:00
3) It is forbidden to use pop up traffic, incentive traffic , deceptive traffic , misleading and adult traffic. Sub-channel ID should be delivered to game platform and it will be tracked according to complaining user's phone number for any misleading subscription complaint.
4) The subscription process should strictly follow : Click the banner >> skip to landing page >> click Confirmation button to confirm >> subscribe to the service.
5)According to Huawei's ordering procedure, users should be imported to the failing page after they fail the subscription process, it is forbidden to divert the users to other unrelated pages.
After the user fails to subscribe, he or she must follow the Huawei ordering process to import the user into the designated order failed page, and it is forbidden to divert the user to other unrelated pages

1) Only after the advertiser's confirmation, this order can become effective . All cost incurred will be settled by the advertiser and WHT will be bearded by channel.
2) Daily CAP is accretive to fluctuate within 10% , but the monthly CAP should not be exceeded. Otherwise, the exceeded part will not be settled.
3) It is requested to confirm by email in advance if there is any change in advertising plan.
4) Advertiser has the right to suspend or terminate this order if the promotion data is abnormal, and will send an email to confirm the suspension or termination in advance.
5) Advertiser has the right to refuse settlement if any cheating or misleading behavior are found during promotion.


KW - Winter Mountain Sniper 3 - Viva, Zain, Ooredoo


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